Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lamb of God - Sacrament

If you like Pantera, Anthrax, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, or are looking for this generations Reign in Blood:

Lamb of God - Sacrament

Woah. Is this for real? Did I just wake-up from insane dream? I.... I can't believe what I just got done hearing, I really can't! Ladies and gentlemen, the single greatest achievement in the modern metal movement in the last 2 years has arrived, and it is Lamb of God's Sacrament.

The album opens up with "Walk With Me in Hell". This song has been on the internet for a while, and I refused to hear it until the album came out. Thank god I did, because the impact it had was simply phenominal! The production for this album is laboured for all the better, and this album shows what Lamb of God is capable off, with this song being the culmination of all things. This is the overture of the album, and if you don't like this song, stop calling yourself a metal fan, because this is as fucking good as it get's!

Randy's vocals have undergone as much as a radical transformation as the rest of the band, as they all perform on levels unheard of to this point in their careers. Mark Morton and Willie Adler are doing exactly what they said in 2004 during the Killadelphia-era DVD; They are going to new levels of guitar playing, levels that are going to leave all the other bands of this modern era in it's ashes. Chris Adler is as devestating as ever with his drums, and I tip my hat off to the man for what he's done! And Randy? He no longer is the fierce demon alone, but also a man who, gasp, sings clean at times to dynamic and chilling effect.

God, where to go next? "Again We Rise" seems to be a fierce attack on President Bush ("An Instant Rebel just add greed / lies are told with a southern drawl"), but hat could just be me. The song oozes with ferocity that it just done to a lazer tip, crying "Rise, again we will rise!" The layered vocals are almost operatic. "Pathetic", "Foot to the Throat", "and "Descending", to name a few choice tracks, offer up some of the best song writing by this band ever!

Highlights, my friends? There are many to choose from! "Redneck" sounds Pantera-esq, but done only as Lamb of God could do it! Randy introduces those cleaner vocals of his on it, and it will shock you when ou hear it! "Pathetic" slightly continues that same trend, actually giving off a slightly punk-ish feel to it. "Blacken the Cursed Sun" has an incredibly appocalyptic feel to it. Literraly. "More Time to Kill" and "Beating on Death's Door" are exactly what older fans will love; brutal lyrics and devestating classic guitar work. "More Time to Kill" have some of the best lyrics I've heard in a while; "I just got the news today you were dying / Hot Damn! We're already partying!" The song seems to almost be a tribuite to Overkill "I Hate" in many respects. "Beating on Death's Door" is old-school thrash at it's best!

But there is one song that I sincerly hope and pray is going to go down as a masterpiece, aside from "Walk With Me in Hell" from this album, and that is "Requiem". There is a feeling to it that I can not begin to subscribe acturately. The guitars level on top of the other, creating rich arches and columns of brutal metal might! It is sprinkled with the touches of Pantera, the intensity of the death metal, and sound bites that add to the rich tapestries that hang abound. In interviews, the band has stated that they were merticulous with each single note. If any song shows it as the most, it is "Requiem".

With that, the album is virtually flawless. It is literraly up to you to decide if there are in this case. Few will complain that it's not the same Lamb of God that was Burn the Priest, and that's because they grew up and learned to play better. Few will say it's way too melodic and death metal-ish, and that's because they always had that sound. Some will complain that their influences come through, which is foolish to bitch about since all bands tend to do it.

I also want to say this: It is simply remarkable how far this band has come. They went from 5 guys playing small clubs and releasing some insane records to a point where they have done what every band dreams of, and that is releasing an album that is going to last for a long time. This album will change everything you know about modern metal for the better, because there has NEVER been an album like this!

Folks, this album is simply brilliant! 4.9 out of 5. Period.



Genocide_Junkie said...

An amazing record. I think it is a tad over the top technically speaking. That is it's only downfall.

J.R. Spumkin said...

I love the music video for "Redneck." If only my 6th party was just that fun.