Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yes, I, Mark Skull, have submitted to the fact that blogs are now "in". But I decided that it was about time someone gave you a chance to create something to help you discovr great new metal albums, as well as a punk one here and there, and help expand your horizons.

Basically, I'll take an album I'm listening to, be it new or old, post it on here, tell you if it's good or not, and that's about it.


If you like Anthrax, Strapping Young Lad, and some punk like NoFX and Rancid, then you'll love:

Punky BrĂ¼ster - Cooked on Phonics

Released in 1995, the album is simply a satire on how, at the time, a lot of metal bands were turning more into punk groups in response to the ever-growing grunge explosion, as well as a result of Green Day and the alternative-rock movement.

I'm a fan of both metal AND punk, so this album was a special treat for me. A quick web search on the band will tell you the same thing a million times over, but here is the story:

"The Story: The cheesy death metal band Cryptic Coroner, in a sensational move, become the punk rock phenomenon of the century when they realise they are making no money!! At long last, after weeks of, the wise, wealthy and discriminate music lover, can experience this epic saga of deceit, betrayal, anarchy and decent marketing for yourself! Hear the authentic 'Punk-O-Phonic' recording quality! Gawk at stunning three-chord songs! Wince through a lot of bad filler material! It's all here for your twisted enjoyment! So join Dr. Skinny, Squid Vicious and Dances With Chickens in the wallet-chain wearin', middle-class white North American angst party known as Cooked On Phonics."

The main reason this album is among a personal favorite is because of the amount of humor on it. The lyrics are hilarious, and take on everything from death metal, punk, the music business, and what it means to sell-out. The album has a mostly punk-sound to it, but the riff's are metal enough for me! The entire album is a great journey, and there really isn't a dull moment on there. If your not laughing to "Recipe for Bait", then your banging your head and thrashing around to "Fake Punk". Tracks like "Metal Dilema" and "Heavy Metal Mama" keep the metal flame glowing, while "Wallet Chain", "EZ$", and "Oats Peas Beans & Barley" have a delicious punk flavor to it!

This album is one of Devin Townsend's funniest and hands-down best. I can't stop listening to it, nor do I really want to stop!

4.8 out of 5! I reluctantly took off 0.2 points because, while you can buy it now since it was reissued, the last track on the album is seperated into 3 parts instead of 3 tracks, something that annoys me to no end.


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