Friday, August 11, 2006

GWAR - War Party

If your a fan of thrash metal in general, find groups like Lamb of God entertaining, or if your just in need of a good political fix, I recommend:

GWAR - War Party

I'm writing this "Album of the Day" review on 8/10/06 around noon on the east coast. Why a day early? Because the word has finally reached me, via the 12'o-clock news here that all flights to Britian from the U.S. are on Red Alert, and all other flights are now at Code Orange. All this while GWAR's "You Can't Kill Terror" is blaring through my speakers, causing me to bang my head like there's no tomorrow. Now, more than ever, do those words seem to hold true: "You can destroy an army / You can kill a man / But you can't kill terror / And Terror is What I am."The album was released in October of 2004, just one month before the infamous 2004 Presidential Elections in the U.S. For a band that started out as a joke and art school project, one thing must be said about GWAR; Even the times we live in can take a toll on comedians, for better or worst.

I wound up buying this album, although reluctantly, in August of 2005 after seeing them at Sounds of the Underground months before and at the urging of people on-line through message boards. I remember listening to "Bring Back the Bomb", loving the one song, putting it on my radio station, and not listening to the album again for about 8 months. Even then I didn't really listen to it. It wasn't until last month when I put it on my MP3 player because I was about to see them at Sounds of the Underground again (Whenever I go to shows, I take public transit, so I need an MP3 so I can hear music before and after the show) that I REALLY got to hear this album.

Starting off with "Bring Back the Bomb", the album has already stated it's mantra; "You say these devices must never be used / I say you're mistaken, let's get to the fuse" In other words, we're going to hit you, and hit you hard. Yeah, that was cliche as hell, but fuck, it's the truth! "Krosstika" is an attack on the reality of Nazi Germany that few dare speak about, namely how the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. The rest of the album hit's every point possible, such as abortion ("Womb with a View"), the decline of Western Civilization ("Decay of Granduer"), and the current holy wars ("Lost God").

The album delivers insane thrash metal riffs with an incredibly focused band, bent not just on world domination, blood, and gore, but with delivering a damn good metal album! There are few flaws to be seen, namely how some songs seem to feel like filler after a bit. But the album on a whole is worth he time and money of any listener

The album gets 4.5 out of 5!


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Anonymous said...

"Aw, dudez. Uz gotsa lissen 2 Slipkont. Towz guyz iz da roxxorz! Teh rox mah sox!"

Well, now we know how irony works. Seriously, though: Gwar rules! Bring Back the Bomb for the win!

(Slipknot sucks: yes or no?)