Sunday, December 16, 2007

Overkill - Immortalis

IMMORTALIS. The name is literately Latin for Immortal. It is safe to say that in the history of metal, few bands can claim that title as well as the Wrecking Crew themselves, Overkill, can!

It's rare to find an album review of Overkill that DOESN'T mention their past, and I think its due to both their legendary status and the pride one gets of telling their story that does it, mixed with the fact that too many "metal heads" out there ready to wear their Avenged Sevenfold shirts don't realize just where the hell that Bat REALLY came from!

Overkill can technically be called the worlds first Thrash Metal band, largely because of the fact that not only were they formed from a punk band in 1980, but wrote "Grave Robbers" (later called "Raise the Dead") before even Lars met James and Dave in LA. Since then, these New Jersey rats have pounded out album after album, with so far a grand total of 15 studio albums, 2 live albums, 2 EP's, a few greatest hits, and an album of covers.

OK, now that you've been Old Schooled, it's time to learn the Skull and Bones of this release!

To say this album is "business as usual" is a slap in the face to the band! After riding high in what I can only call a comeback, we see Overkill using the rise to fame from Gigantour and touring Europe to release an album that is pouring over with some incredible riffs! The album opens with the pounding track "Devils in the Mist", presenting full-force the writing ability that will dominate the rest of the album.

"Skull and Bones", my pick for the track of the album, features a duet from hell with none other than Randy Blyth of Lamb of God! The pairing of the two is simply amazing as the two trades verses and create one hell of a track!

"Walk Through Fire" borrows a riff or two from AC/DC's "Overdose" to great avail and the song simply delights and amazes, offering some groove metal moments. Tracks like "Hell Is" and "Shadow of a Doubt" offer some awesome moments as well.

All in all, it's a great, solid disc. It's one of the better albums they've done in the last 10 years, without question, and is part of the overall trend of increasing quality of metal albums recently.

8 out of 10!


Anonymous said...

An insightful review. Adding this to my iPod as we speak.

Curious, MarkSkull: do you like Queens of the Stone Age at all? Me and my stoner bro can listen to "Rated R" all day if we could.

After trashing out on Listerine, of course.

Mark Skull said...

Not really, sadly. The occasional song is enough for me.