Monday, October 29, 2007

Otep - The Ascension

If you love Machine Head, Shadows Fall, Megadeth, Kittie, the Plasmatics, Arch Enemy, and more, then remember this:

Otep - The Ascension: The GREATEST Album You Won't Hear This Year!

That's fairly tongue-in-cheek. For all the "elite" bastards out there ready to dismiss this band, namely the singer, Otep, this album takes those notions, bends them over, and sodomizes them until all that is left is a bleeding anus and the question of "What just happened"?

Otep has been around since 2000. They have gone from a nu-metal group to becoming a leader in the Alternative Metal movement, mixing heavy guitars, poetry and the greatest front woman since Wendy O. Williams.

After 2004's "House of Secrets", the band re-defined their sound, adding more melodies and mixing it in with a healthy does of thrash metal and the then-blossoming Metalcore sound.

On this album, the band has finally come into their own.

As much as it may be blasphemy to some to say, if the Plasmatics had been founded today, this would be the result. The fierce vocal sensibilities of Otep Shamaya has not been seen since Wendy O. graced the stage in 1977, and she has brought the same sensibilities and attitudes that have been missing in the recent rash of female singers. Though it can be argued that Angela of Arch Enemy has one of the fiercest voices in metal, Otep makes her sound like Britney Spears in comparison.

Yes, my friends, she is THAT damn good!

The opening track, "Eet the Children", starts off with her trademark poetry, giving way to a massacre of insane guitars and one scorcher of a song. The album pounds away at your skull, delivering track after track of what I can only describe as the sound of aggression put to music. Not since Devin Townsend have I heard an album with songs infused with so much passion!

The band rips into an Otep-ified version of Nirvana's "Breed", adding a fierce anger and cry that was, after hearing this version, sorely missing from Kurt's otherwise tempered growl. It is enough to give a new generation of fans who may have never heard Nirvana before to simply stand in aw.

Adding a bit of spice to the album is "Perfectly Flawed", a mid-tempo song that nearly seems to be a ballad. Beautiful in it's simplicity, it shows another side of the band. While the snarls are there, the anger top-notch, they are a group of talented song writers. In a sense, it's Kelly Clarkson if she did metal, mixed with some Marilyn Manson, which produces a really strong result.

What more can I say about this album, this band, and this singer? This is an album that mixes the likes of Machine Head, Arch Enemy, even Megadeth, takes poetry, angst, puts it into a blender, and gives you this! It is an album that will leave you speechless and make you take a second-look at this band.

This is a 9.2 out of 10!



Cellar said...

The best album of the year by far.

Anonymous said...

amazing review! i agree 100% LOVE THIS BAND!!